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29th December 2022


It was brought to our attention by an assistant referee at Tuesday afternoon's fixture at home to Dudley Town that a racially motivated comment was directed towards him during the first half.

Immediately after the final whistle, CCTV footage was shown to the match officials and potential suspects were identified.


These people were spoken to by myself and the assistant referee but it would appear that the comment was not made by them but by someone walking into the bar.

We have, as a club, issued a sincere apology to the match officials and confirmed we will continue to investigate to find the person responsible.


We are also fully aware that we are responsible for the behaviour of every visitor to Queen Street and if we are able to identify the perpetrator, whether a Bilston Town, Dudley Town or a neutral supporter, then the harshest penalty possible will be imposed.


If anyone has any information which could help us please contact Denise Frankham via email at

Please note that all emails will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Should you be more comfortable reporting it via Kick It Out then you can do that via this link - Kick It Out Report Form

We remind everyone visiting Queen Street that Bilston Town CFC players, staff and supporters will not tolerate any form of discrimination and will seek the maximum punishment for anyone found to be abusing any individual or group based on their race, sexual orientation, gender or physical / mental ability.

It is also important to thank all of the well behaved supporters in a bumper crowd of almost 344 who provided a fantastic atmosphere for an entertaining game of football - a truly great advert for the non-league game.

Denise Frankham, Chair, Bilston Town CFC

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